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  • Do you wonder if a food-sensitivity could be hurting your health, or if foods are somehow contributing to your pain?
  • Have you tried various diet modifications (for example, gluten free) hoping to feel good again, only for your symptoms to return or get worse?
  • Do you struggle with an ongoing, pro-inflammatory condition and believe addressing your diet could be of help?
  • Are you feeling frustrated, as well, by the lack of understanding surrounding food sensitivities within your medical community?

I am a registered dietitian and food-sensitivity specialist who can provide you with an effective program designed for you. I am also someone who understands as I, myself, have sensitivities and experienced first-hand the profound healing benefits of diet therapy! It is my sincere desire to help others too.

Diet therapy can include (yet not limited to): the comprehensive assessment of food-sensitivity issues and/or nutrient needs; implementation of a personalized, anti-inflammatory diet program designed for each individual; plus nutrient supplementation support as indicated. Why go on wondering?

Contact Eileen Chroback (RD, CLT) today to talk more about it.

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